Re-align Your Body & Mind, Strengthen Your Intimacy & Yoni- With Purpose and Grace

> Are you pushing your partner away or running from him/her during intimacy because insertion is painful?

> Do you feel pressure or pain while experiencing intercourse?

> Do you feel numb or question is your vagina broken?

> Do you feel lack of sexual energy when intimate or during self-pleasure and you want more heated, connected sex?

> Do you just feel unconfident in your sex life because you just do not feel confident with your body?

You are here because you want to feel confident with your yoni

Allow me to re-introduce you to your wholesome yoni parts...

It's time to reconnect with what you deeply desire to achieve and step into your highly confident, highly pain-free sex life! 

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Let's be real. You have tried kegals and yoni eggs to help your vaginal challenges but – it still just doesn't feel like you thought it would.

Get to know the 5 Step Yoni Framework for More Connection, Better Orgasm, & Pain-free Intimacy:

Week 1> Getting real with your "BS"- In the first week we get clear on WHY you are here? What is the purpose within your body? Are you seeking pleasure or deeper connection? This clarity is crucial for setting the foundation for the entire journey experience so you can move and be vulnerable with grace..

Week 2> In this week we explore Female Pleasure and Healing your Numbness/ Pain. The body holds onto energies that are created from events in our past life, if we store these energies in our sacred parts it is challenging to seek pleasure during intimacy. SO we work together breaking down these walls so you can free yourself from what is holding you back.

Week 3> In this week it is all about Exploration, Visualization, and Live presentations as I show you how the Yoni Massage is done. I teach you the art of Pussy Shiatsu through Breathwork and Physical Touch so you can learn what your body needs are and how you can teach your partner how to find them.

Week 4> In this week we will uncover your intimate Pussy spots: The A, G, and Cervix. You will learn the positions that benefit you for the Ultimate Orgasmic Pleasures.

Week 5> In this week we get clear on your chakras. From the head to the Heart we will uncover any blockages and get aligned so the body can work autonomously.

Week 6> The ultimate Yoni Celebration to celebrate your yoni powers and freedom because you are the Rockstar of your life and bedroom. You will learn the ultimate yoni experience and how you can teach your partner to enter you with ease so you can create magic together.

And, There's More:

Live Group Calls & Live Demonstrations

During the course, we will host live group sessions + live office hours. In the weekly office hours, we dig deep into the specific topic of the week, answering all of your questions live. During the live class sessions, you will be placing have dedicated time to practice the activities with Dominique so you get specific guidance on increasing your awareness and knowledge of the skill. All of these sessions are recorded so that you can watch and continue to learn from them again and again.

VALUE: $497

Personal One on One Coaching

Each registrant also receives 2 personal one on one sessions with Dominique so you can get your personal postpartum issues addressed and personal recommendations for your body directly from Dominique's experience and expertise.

VALUE: $297

Coaching Staff Support: Physical Therapist

Access to Dominiques Nutritional Support and Speak to a Physical Therapist about your questions regarding your yoni and pelvic floor muscles.

VALUE: $997

Ok, There's More!!! Hear what clients have to say...

"Working with Dominique has been wonderful. She has taught me to be patient, and her expertise and knowledge has helped me understand my body better. I am grateful for her patience and understanding for the PP body."

Rebecca Moore

"I feel a connection with my Yoni that I have never had before. This program has been a healing process for me and has completely changed how I view my Yoni, myself, and the overall well-being of my body."

Leslie Minor

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