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Re-align Your Body & Mind, Strengthen Your Intimacy & Yoni- With Purpose and Grace

> Are you pushing your partner away or running from him/her during intimacy because insertion is painful?

> Do you feel pressure or pain while experiencing intercourse?

> Do you leak or pee your pants during running or jumping?

> Do you just feel unconfident in your sex life because you just do not feel good with your body?

> Do you have a diastasis recti or separation that causes you to question your body?

Stop wasting time...

causing more injury and pain to your pelvic floor when you can have enjoyable pleasure in the bedroom.

Discover the 5-part AlphaBabe Success Framework to bring more confidence to your intimacy life, strength in your yoni, and harmony to your chakras- while you master being a rockstar in the sheets.

You are here because you want to feel confident with your yoni

Allow me to re-introduce you to your wholesome yoni parts...

It's time to reconnect with what you deeply desire to achieve and step into your highly confident, highly pain-free sex life! 

Let's be real. You have tried kegals and yoni eggs to help your pelvic floor challenges but – it still just doesn't feel like you thought it would.

Get to know the 5 Step Alphababe Success Framework

Week 1> Getting real with "YOU"- Diving into setting real intentions and eliminating any BS that is preventing you from achieving your goal so you can go along the journey with clarity and grace in doing the real inner work for your body.

Week 2> Uncovering pain and trauma that is preventing you from fully reaching ultimate relaxation and pleasure of physical touch (by you or your partner) and increasing your abilities of trusting yourself with your yoni.

Week 3> Learning the fundamental steps of 360 breathwork and inner deep pelvic floor connection so you can achieve being in control of your orgasms and pleasure.

Week 4> Re-discover your Femininity through understanding the body's natural alignment of chakra healing. You will uncover and unlock any stuck energy with your 7 chakra healing points so you can be aligned and reach a new positive height in your feminine powers.

Week 5> Release womb traumas that have held your body in bondage for way to long. You will walk away healed and free from negative pain traumas that prevented your yoni to be free and relaxed for pain free pleasure.

Week 6> The ultimate Yoni Celebration to celebrate your yoni powers and freedom because you are the Rockstar of your life and bedroom. You will learn the ultimate yoni experience and how you can teach your partner to enter you with ease so you can create magic together.

Hear what clients have to say...

Working with Dominique has been wonderful. She has taught me to be patient, and her expertise and knowledge has helped me understand my body better. I am grateful for her patience and understanding for the PP body.

Natasha Parmes

I feel a connection with my Yoni that I have never had before. This program has been a healing process for me and has completely changed how I view my Yoni, myself, and the overall well-being of my body.

Uniqueka Gilbert

Ready to Empower your Yoni?

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