One on One Coaching

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Want to work with Dominique 1:1? Is one on one right for you?

Are you looking for accountability to stay true to your Prenatal or Postpartum Goal?

Are you wanting to know if you are doing a movement correct, how to perform the right exercise for your body? 

Low back pain after workouts? Diastasis recti? Prolapse? Pubic Symphyses pain? Leaking pants? Painful intercourse?

The right programming and workouts for your body is imperative to avoid further injury to your diastasis recti, pelvic pain, low back pain etc. 

What is included:

8 sessions for 4 weeks (2 sessions per week)

45 min session length

Zoom (virtual) ** if you want in person session email to inquire

No weights requires unless discussed for strength training

If you are a new mom early postpartum (6 weeks-1 year)- Rehab training will be what we will focus on the first 4 weeks. That includes retraining breathing, core strengthening, overall body movement and alignment.

If you are a mom who has been longer on their postpartum journey (1 year- lifetime), a personal assessment will be completed to assess your strength and body function for strength training. More advanced movement, plyo, functional training, and weight lifting will be completed. 

Additional weeks can be added along the journey. 

Proposed time moms can see and feel progress is 12 weeks.