The Core Revive Postpartum Coaching

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A 6 week Group Coaching Program for women (both new moms and postpartum moms) to teach how to incorporate breathing exercise to strengthen the abdominals.*Includes strengthening training guidance.

This course is for:

Women who have not been pregnant 

Pregnant Moms

Postpartum Moms

Fitness Professionals 

In the program you will learn the following: 

1) How to train the abdominals muscles through deep breathing vs shallow breathing

2) How to locate and assess your Diastasis Recti

3) The importance of breathing and how it coordinates to the Pelvic Floor & abs

4) The importance of the Pelvic Floor and assessing your own (Tight vs Weak muscles)

5) The exercises to incorporate weekly for the core and pelvic floor healing 

What's included in the program:

> 6 weeks of Video Modules showing you exercise and explanation daily

> Nutrition Guide for Macro Explanation and Grocery Help


> 6 Live Coaching calls with Coach that explores the weeks education topic and activity demonstrations

> Assess to Nutritional Postpartum Coach 

> Weekly access with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist for direct questions 

> Discord checkin group